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Hand-sculpted & Unique

Self-Awareness through Image, Color & Form

Self-Awareness through Image, Color & Form

Archetypal Sculptures for Jungian Sandplay, focus on up-lifting images for use in STA (Sandplay Therapists of America) process work as a Silent Workshop of the Psyche.


Self-Awareness through Image, Color & Form

Self-Awareness through Image, Color & Form

Self-Awareness through Image, Color & Form

Personal sized & highly detailed, each theme like these "Waiting" is created in editions of 3 with variations giving each personality, spirit & often attitude. 


Co-Creating at it's finest!

Self-Awareness through Image, Color & Form

Co-Creating at it's finest!

Georgia will create figures based on your personal mythology like this "Chalice of Wisdom" honorig the inspirational teachings of Abraham-Hicks with the tree from their logo.

Healing Images of the Psyche

Inspired by stories and their tellers like  Clarissa Pinkola Estes- Women Who Run With the Wolves: Story As Medicine "....Whenever a fairy tale is told, it becomes night. No Matter the dwelling, no matter the time...the telling of tales causes starry sky and a white moon to creep from the eaves and hover over the heads of the listeners...sometimes at the end of a tale...a star shard is left behind. And whatever is left behind is the bounty to work with, to use toward the soul-making.

Co-creations for your personal healing journey.

Since the early 90's I have been creating uplifting figures  of Archetypal images, qualities of Divine Feminine, positive male, couples relating to life's transitions. Now available to purchase on-line; please visit my on-line store.

Awaken Personal Power

Creating images for focusing on integrating the change we wish to accomplish and awakening to a more whole Self through image and the power of the psyche.

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Stories Becoming Uplifting Art

I love hearing stories from my customers & they may inspire new artwork! 

2018 begins with some exciting changes beginning with retiring from 16 year bookkeeping day job and returning to being an artist/writer full-time. Also I am wintering in AZ & going back to Pacifica Graduate Institute in Santa Barbara, CA.

Feel free to call there is always much more new & available figures, along with what gets posted in my on-line store!

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